1995 Barbie Pink ‘N Pretty House!!

Welcome To Barbieland!

My granny is an organized hoarder! My mom (GG) is an organized hoarder! I am a strangely over-the-top-organized hoarder! We are hoarders in a good way if there is a such thing. We keep things to be able to say “This was mine when I was your age” or “I got this for (insert special occasion here followed by a long beautiful story)”. Well one thing my mom was crazy about was Barbie and all things Barbie! The weird thing was that I was such a tomboy that I didn’t care for it too much. I mean I played with this stuff, but there were some things that I wasn’t even allowed to take out of the box. It was more of my mom’s thing. It is only right that this Barbie house is set up in the girls’ room at GG & Papa’s house.

Now that The Empress Sisters are around it is time to pass the baton. Just a heads up though, you may or may not see a few rigged pieces (*cough,cough* the roof) being held together by tape. Part of the hoarding means not throwing away things that are broken, but finding ways to keep them because they hold sentimental value. I am on the hunt for exact replacements of a few items and room additions to the Pink ‘N Pretty mansion.

A portion of the clothes are temporarily being hidden in the roof.

Slowly, but surely dolls were coming out of the attic, then outfits, then a few rooms, and then all of this. We finally decided it was time to give all of the dolls a bath and clean everything. I must say we were not prepared for the task at hand. There were so many clothes and so many dolls that I felt like I was doing laundry for real humans. The dolls pictured are maybe a third of the inventory (we have more skin tones than brown; I promise). I had to force myself to call it a night on all things Barbie because I WAS SORE! Oh and there are still 2 large containers in the attic that haven’t even been cracked open with things like a dentist office, food court, grocery store, a pool (maybe 2 pools), and some more professional and recreational settings. Below is a video of the last time we had one of the pools out.


Lets move on to take a mini tour shall we?

Looking at this I am realizing we set this up like my granny’s house lol

Barbie’s in-house gym is coming along!

Here is the box for the gym equipment. We are still looking for the standing contraption portion.

After a workout Barbie likes to do a little laundry.

This was a chandelier for the living room I made as a kid with pipe cleaners and beads! *Bling Bling*

What a nursery!

Let me just say I have been discovering a lot of things about myself in this project. I have always wanted a big family, but I am starting to believe that Barbie having 900 children had something to do with it. There are about 6 toddlers and a set of triplets not pictured. They have carriers for baby wearing, toy baby food, and yes that is a pack of diapers on the night stand. There are a bunch of other tiny baby paraphernalia that we decided to keep put away just because they are so tiny for a 2 and 3 year old to play with.

Welcome to Stacey’s teen room! She is indeed wearing a satin bonnet.

Ok here comes another sidebar! I am really laughing at myself. In college I learned sometimes it is necessary for a lady to give a guy a fake name. Mine was… you guessed it! Stacey!!! I only use it at Starbucks now. Nobody can mess that up.

The Rides!

We have a vehicle that fits each family need like any “normal” family. We have a blue sports car. That’s for Ken (dad) to still feel like a man since he lives in a giant pepto-pink house. It is also there for Barbie (mom) when she’s feeling spicy and tired of pushing the soccer mom van. Shoot Barbie feels like a new woman when her shirt isn’t stained and she’s wearing pants that actually shows she has a booty. Finally, who doesn’t have a horse and carriage at their disposal? We have used it for every special occasion such as weddings, funerals, quinceaneras, you know, the “normal” stuff.

Although I was wiped out after getting into all of this cool stuff, it was a fun trip down memory lane. I couldn’t even predict when everything would be completely sorted through and on display. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe some of you saw some things you had or still have. Now toast to a great day with your pick of doll cognac!

Don’t worry these are hidden VERY FAR away from The Empress Sisters. I am not so sure, however if my mom realized I had these as a child. Explains A LOT now lol. 

That’s Me, The Empress Mommy!

2 thoughts on “1995 Barbie Pink ‘N Pretty House!!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Omg I had this house when I was younger, and just spent ages typing in random Barbie house Descriptions on Google to try and find it! So glad you posted this. My Mum kept loads of my Barbie stuff, but the house broke so she didn’t keep any time of it 🙁 So wish I could buy it for my little girls now. Thanks so much for writing this. Really nostalgic.

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