Her Royal FIVEness MAT!

Hello World!! So it has been almost a year since our last blog post and I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long. For those that do not know us personally our family is growing by one more person in December (if I can make it). This has been a tough pregnancy for all of us, but The Empress Sisters are handling it like CHAMPS! They are already awesome big sisters to this little Royal baby. With that being said, we figured that MAT has been deserving of having her 5th birthday party request fulfilled! I never had a chance to share MAT’s 4th Birthday Party or KAT’s 3rd so be on the lookout for for that post hopefully before the year is out. Let’s go ahead and dive in to last weekend’s event!

Now where did “Her Royal FIVEness” theme come from? Last year we attended a Princess Ball in our area that I shared with you all and MAT & KAT loved it. They asked about it again this year, but this mama wasn’t feeling the repeat. When we asked MAT what she wanted to do for her birthday she said she wanted her own Princess Ball where everyone would get dressed up. I really liked the idea however, I really didn’t want to have the cliché Disney princess party pack. Actually, I didn’t envision any specific Disney princesses being present at this ball at all.

MAT’s favorite color is Red. Always has been! Originally all I could think of was Red, Gold, and White for a color scheme, but every idea on Pinterest showed me that those colors may come across too mature or too bridal. I gave in and started looking up specific Disney princess parties on Pinterest. Belle and Snow White color schemes fit perfectly. All I had to add was a little Navy or Royal Blue to the mix.

My mom does event decorating so most of what we used for decor was already in her inventory. Score for this mama! Although I’ve had this party vision since the spring, being sick this entire pregnancy really took a toll on me that this party wasn’t going to happen anymore until about a month ago. My mom coming off of a super busy season made it clear that we HAD TO make this party happen. All of that included finding a venue and securing a cake which are the hardest things to do last minute (especially going into the holidays). We managed to get both done!

For the adult table centerpieces we used miniature trees that my mom usually hangs strings of crystals from. This time we figured most princess stories involve them roaming through a forest and Belle is known for the iconic rose. Viola! We made the forest trees bloom roses. The napkins were also rolled into cute little Navy roses.

For the kids table we didn’t have much room to add a ton of decoration and we were also nervous about them possibly knocking things down. Hobby Lobby has these cute little flower shaped charger plates (available in several color options) and I had a family member ship these adorable child sized silverware sets from a hidden treasures store in New York. I knew about them because we use them at home. The night before the party I remembered an apple detail was going to come to play in the party design so I quickly glittered some real apples to place under each tree on the adult tables. As the set up began, they became perfect for incorporating red into the kids table. My mom also sprayed this once black candelabra gold. In a rush all of the crystals didn’t make it back on in time, but the effect sure was there. Lol!

For the backdrop I made my usual paper flowers. I am not a fan of making them because they are way too time consuming for me, but MAT knew what she wanted. She sees the things her GG and I do for other events and she wanted us to share a taste of that for her. That’s what we did! And the food was prepared by mom and mother-in-law so yeah! Work was definitely put in!

Ok now lets talk about the cake! When I tell you all that my Cake Lady Brie and her team at Cake Couture Boutique are the absolute best I mean it! They are all so sweet and always come through! When I went to see Brie I did not have the slightest clue on what I wanted MAT’s cake to look like. At the time I just told her the colors were red and gold, but I didn’t want it to look mature. As she scrolled through my room set up ideas on Pinterest she stopped and said “I got you! I’ll work something out”. I pretty much left the idea and concept all up to her and she was spot on! The only thing I knew that she wanted to try was the apple on the top. The cake was perfectly executed and the rose detail was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again CAKE COUTURE!!

Oh I almost forgot about the favors! I’ll be honest that I did not want to blow the bank on a candy/treat table. People don’t realize how expensive it can be to really make your treat table full. Coming off of Halloween and trick or treating the last thing I wanted to do was load these kids down with more candy. You are welcome parents. I went to my local Ollie’s discount store where I love to get books for The Empress Sisters. I managed to find books of all the same style of the classic royalty themed stories for each child to take home. Those stores included Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, & The Princess and The Pea for the little ladies. For the little gentlemen we had The Emperor’s New Clothes and Rumpelstiltskin. The babies and big kids weren’t excluded. They had book options as well.

In addition to the books I found some Oriental Trading plastic Goblet cups on Amazon. They can also be found on the Oriental Trading website. We only filled them with a little confetti and a few chocolate gold coins. Lastly, each child had a paper crown courtesy of my favorite place, Target! I enjoyed the non-candy option maybe a little too much. I may be trying to find candy alternatives more often.

All in all Her Royal FIVEness was beyond pleased with her day! Pulling out of the venue parking lot she shouted “This was the best party ever!”. Isn’t that what every parent wants to hear? I get sensitive when it comes to planning parties for MAT. This time of year is always the hardest because everyone is planning for the holidays or they get sick. I always get on edge about not enough kids showing up. Of course that was the case again this year, but we still had a good turn out! The children were dressed up and sat at the table for their Royal dinner like the royalty they are. It was beautiful!

Thank you to all that contributed to and participated in MAT’s birthday celebration! Thank you to all that sent their well wishes that wanted to be there, but couldn’t! We love and appreciate you all!

One last thought… We often joke about how similar HER ROYAL FIVENESS MAT is to my grandmother! Here is proof! My grandmother is just as particular about what she likes/wants and her favorite color is RED!


Fairytale Ball


It has been a fast 2 months time, but I’m not going to lie I get writer’s block. I have been like that all of my life. I have a lot of pieces that I’ve never completed because I just couldn’t get my words right or I simply wasn’t feeling it anymore. Week after week I have opened my laptop to write and I felt like I was typing just to be typing. Nothing made sense to me. That happens sometimes. Trust me bloggers have a tough job, especially those that have sponsors. When I get there oh I will have loads of material. Now that I got that off of my fingertips I am ready to dive into the most recent Empress adventure. The Empress Sisters went to a Fairytale Ball!

For the last few months I have seen photos of children’s parties where a team of familiar Princesses are the highlight of the event. I doubt that they could advertise that they are Disney Princesses due to copyright laws, but hey I’m not mad at it. Pretty Princess Parties are a children’s entertainment company based out of Minneapolis. This was a FUN, FUN, FUN event however, I couldn’t help noticing that the princesses at the ball did not all resemble the princesses I saw on their website. Maybe they have a rotation. Maybe they hire local princesses in the states they travel to. I have not confirmed either, but they were um… different.

Going into this I just knew we (my mom and I) were going to get a ton of great shots. I set myself up for failure. For one I waited until the last minute, as in the night before (2 hours until closing) to get wardrobe in order. That was a BAD IDEA for this time of year because hardly anywhere had formal wear for children. I kept getting “We should be getting some soon for the holidays”… excuse me? Many children do go to church throughout the year. Are you telling me they can only buy formal wear at the end of the year? As usual Macy’s saved the day, but I was so disappointed with their toddler selection. In terms of size there were only 4 dresses to choose from. We purchased all four and two went straight back the next morning!

Rare Editions – Cap Sleeve Special Occassion Dress (Sorry guys I could not find KAT’s dress online.)

Now Pretty Princess Parties encouraged that parents dress their children as their favorite characters, but I wasn’t doing that. The Empress Sisters dress up in their princess dresses at home and this was an opportunity for them to get a little fancier than usual. I found myself also being disappointed with the lack of formal footwear. I ended up grabbing 2 pairs of sparkly numbers from Rack Room Shoes. Major shout-out to The Emperor Daddn’ because he drove back to Rack Room THREE times after my original purchase exchanging sizes. Dress shoes can be freaking tricky so I advise you all not to wait like I did.

We started the morning with Daddn’ making his girls a princess breakfast on princess themed dishware. After breakfast I was playing the role of hairdresser which is an all day affair when it comes to these curly divas. Even with all the preparation for the day and Daddn’ running the streets to get shoes and washing the car (making sure they had a clean ride), The Empress Sisters had no idea they were about to attend this magical Fairytale Ball.

That entire day I felt like we were all dragging and doing the most for no reason. The girls were cranky as usual and I was over my laundry list of tasks before even getting to it. Finally we were all dressed and ready to hit the ball! The Emperor Daddn’ was going, but being the sweet man that he is, he figured my mom would enjoy the evening. I think it is safe to say that she loved sharing this experience with GG’s girls.

Hola, GG!

Ok so remember I said we could only imagine how great these photos were going to be, right? I took a day or two to finally go through them and I had a few surprises that made me literally laugh out loud. To be honest those shots were the best I got. My kids are socially awkward as many children are, but the photos and videos I have captured exactly how awkward they are. See MAT is our shy child. Although she is the oldest, KAT is the protector and encourager.

KAT noticed that MAT was slowly moving back to where I was. She came back and put her arm behind MAT as if to say “I got you sissie”. When I tell you it melted my heart I almost didn’t get the photo. After about a minute or two KAT began to give her sister a little tug toward the dance floor. So they get to the dance floor and MAT just stands there. KAT started to let go just a tad bit and progressively opened up. As she began to come out of her shell MAT stayed 2 levels behind making sure not to be too free. My poor Empresses don’t do crowds too well. Take a look below to see their anxiety go through different phases after being thrown into the pack of wild princesses.

Phase 1: “Sissie we are really out here. In the middle. Now what?”

Phase 2: “If this little girl bumps into me one more time I’m going to scream like a kettle!”


Phase 4 was the final phase the girls went through during the ball. This phase was the awkward/tired/forced smile phase as MAT & KAT made their rounds to take photos with each princess. This was quite interesting because MAT is very observant and particular in her quietness. She took note of body type, accents, voices, and other distinctions of each princess that wasn’t sitting too well with her spirit. Earlier this summer we actually saw Belle at a mall event and MAT kept asking when the other Belle was going to show up. As beautiful as the Belle of the Fairytale Ball was, she just wasn’t adding up.


One highlight for this mama is the package for the event included professional shots with the leading lady of the evening… Belle 2.0.

Ana and Elsa made a cool Sister Sister moment.


Elena was actually MAT’s favorite. Hello Ariel!


MAT wanted no parts of Tiana because her accent wasn’t accurate. Cinderella was nice!


Jasmine and Snow White were super sweet!


Rapunzel and Moana’s hair definitely made us do a double take.  

Needless to say we had a great time. It was a great experience for the kids. In the moment I described it as a mini trip to Disney without the rides.  I have to acknowledge a few AMAZING fathers dressed all out in suit and tie to bring their daughters on a date to a ball. Way to go dads!!

It was getting close to bedtime, but this place didn’t serve food. Womp, womp! The Empress Sisters were tired and hungry. I could only recall my childhood days growing up in New York. I lived in Queens so our outings back then were spent in the city of Manhattan. Those late night train rides all dressed up were a struggle, but we were just glad to be out enjoying just a piece of what the world had to offer in our spiffy outfits! I wanted to allow my children to enjoy the late night struggle. Where did we go? According to MAT & KAT it was the biggest building EVER…

The Cheesecake Factory

We ate, we chatted, and we laughed at The Empress Sisters’ recap of the Fairytale Ball.



Lastly, we made it home safely and realized THE STRUGGLE WAS ABOUT TO GET SUPER REAL! Getting from the car to the house then from downstair to upstairs for our bedtime routine there were a whole new set of phases to go through. Considering The Emperor Daddn’ had spent the past five hours chillin’ on the couch you can guess which child he got to assist with.


Just chill and let the world fix itself.

The End


1995 Barbie Pink ‘N Pretty House!!

Welcome To Barbieland!

My granny is an organized hoarder! My mom (GG) is an organized hoarder! I am a strangely over-the-top-organized hoarder! We are hoarders in a good way if there is a such thing. We keep things to be able to say “This was mine when I was your age” or “I got this for (insert special occasion here followed by a long beautiful story)”. Well one thing my mom was crazy about was Barbie and all things Barbie! The weird thing was that I was such a tomboy that I didn’t care for it too much. I mean I played with this stuff, but there were some things that I wasn’t even allowed to take out of the box. It was more of my mom’s thing. It is only right that this Barbie house is set up in the girls’ room at GG & Papa’s house.

Now that The Empress Sisters are around it is time to pass the baton. Just a heads up though, you may or may not see a few rigged pieces (*cough,cough* the roof) being held together by tape. Part of the hoarding means not throwing away things that are broken, but finding ways to keep them because they hold sentimental value. I am on the hunt for exact replacements of a few items and room additions to the Pink ‘N Pretty mansion.

A portion of the clothes are temporarily being hidden in the roof.

Slowly, but surely dolls were coming out of the attic, then outfits, then a few rooms, and then all of this. We finally decided it was time to give all of the dolls a bath and clean everything. I must say we were not prepared for the task at hand. There were so many clothes and so many dolls that I felt like I was doing laundry for real humans. The dolls pictured are maybe a third of the inventory (we have more skin tones than brown; I promise). I had to force myself to call it a night on all things Barbie because I WAS SORE! Oh and there are still 2 large containers in the attic that haven’t even been cracked open with things like a dentist office, food court, grocery store, a pool (maybe 2 pools), and some more professional and recreational settings. Below is a video of the last time we had one of the pools out.


Lets move on to take a mini tour shall we?

Looking at this I am realizing we set this up like my granny’s house lol

Barbie’s in-house gym is coming along!

Here is the box for the gym equipment. We are still looking for the standing contraption portion.

After a workout Barbie likes to do a little laundry.

This was a chandelier for the living room I made as a kid with pipe cleaners and beads! *Bling Bling*

What a nursery!

Let me just say I have been discovering a lot of things about myself in this project. I have always wanted a big family, but I am starting to believe that Barbie having 900 children had something to do with it. There are about 6 toddlers and a set of triplets not pictured. They have carriers for baby wearing, toy baby food, and yes that is a pack of diapers on the night stand. There are a bunch of other tiny baby paraphernalia that we decided to keep put away just because they are so tiny for a 2 and 3 year old to play with.

Welcome to Stacey’s teen room! She is indeed wearing a satin bonnet.

Ok here comes another sidebar! I am really laughing at myself. In college I learned sometimes it is necessary for a lady to give a guy a fake name. Mine was… you guessed it! Stacey!!! I only use it at Starbucks now. Nobody can mess that up.

The Rides!

We have a vehicle that fits each family need like any “normal” family. We have a blue sports car. That’s for Ken (dad) to still feel like a man since he lives in a giant pepto-pink house. It is also there for Barbie (mom) when she’s feeling spicy and tired of pushing the soccer mom van. Shoot Barbie feels like a new woman when her shirt isn’t stained and she’s wearing pants that actually shows she has a booty. Finally, who doesn’t have a horse and carriage at their disposal? We have used it for every special occasion such as weddings, funerals, quinceaneras, you know, the “normal” stuff.

Although I was wiped out after getting into all of this cool stuff, it was a fun trip down memory lane. I couldn’t even predict when everything would be completely sorted through and on display. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe some of you saw some things you had or still have. Now toast to a great day with your pick of doll cognac!

Don’t worry these are hidden VERY FAR away from The Empress Sisters. I am not so sure, however if my mom realized I had these as a child. Explains A LOT now lol. 

That’s Me, The Empress Mommy!

Despicable Me 3!!!!!

OMG people our family is in love with this entire series! I have shared recently to my family and friends on the “Book of Faces” that MAT was actually born to Discpicable Me and although I had an unexpected C-section with KAT I labored to Despicable Me 2! Since we heard the news of a third film coming out I continuously joke in a serious tone to my love that we may need to pop out another bambino by the time it hits Blu-Ray and digital 😕.


We like that we sometimes get to see movies the day before the premier date so check your local theater next time there is a movie you want to see. Our family literally is in the theater for almost every kids movie it seems like. Our theater that we are loyal to has the little pull in trays, reclining leather love seats, and high wall for privacy. Our 3 and 2 year old definitely know the movie theater drill, but sometimes they get antsy. This style of movie watching is perfect for us to be comfortable.

How else do we make these trips comfortable? We pack our own snacks in my purse. Don’t pretend that you don’t or that your parents didn’t do it when you were a kid. I hate those kids boxes that has the popcorn, drink, and a fruit snack. We have tons of fruit snacks at home and we don’t care for giving the girls fountain drinks. Not only that, but that crap is expensive. So here is what we do. 

We buy one large popcorn and occasionally a nice cold fizzy Coke for daddy and I. I have these clear plastic cups with dome lids that I bought for our personal popcorn machine at home. It keeps the popcorn from ending up all over the place. We also don’t have to keep passing the one popcorn bag back and forth. The kettle corn seasoning is for me! I also pack our own fruit snacks and drinks. Instead of candy they can have animal crackers. Some may say we are cheating them out of the full movie theater experience, but I say the opposite. I’m carrying on a family tradition of having good ol’ cheap fun. Is that illegal? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I WON’T GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT THE MOVIE! However, I will say you all have gotten the vibe from me by now that The Empress Sisters and The Empress Mommy are unicorn freaks. Leading up to the big day that Dispicable Me 3 hit theaters there have been merchandise galore centered around Agnus and her stuffed unicorn that she got in the first film. It might be a little too late for some of you, but don’t go Agnus or unicorn crazy with the idea that they will be the star of the show. They are not. Luckily majority of our toys are from McDonald’s (they come with the Happy Meals, but daddy just buys the toys and stashes them in his car until movie day)


As far as the overall vibe of Despicable Me 3… I loved it, my husband loved it, and most importantly MAT and KAT loved it. It started off getting the adult audience locked in with some seriously cool throwback music and nostalgia. Your kids may ask “what is that?” with a screw face or they may just laugh with you thinking that’s what they are supposed to do in that moment. Either way SCHOOL THESE LITTLE TATER TOTS! It ended with the potential to have a follow up, but viewers definitely won’t be disappointed if the train stopped here. At least I won’t because people would think I’m crazy keeping a child count based on a movie. My husband might too 🤔. And NO the Minions movie does not count. Maybe we’ll get a pet for that one. Anyway, take the kiddies today for a movie treat! It’s a good one!

KAT’s Unicorn Party

Hi guys! Today I am starting with a heads-up note. Having a house party things got a little hectic. Please excuse any photos with blurred faces due to me not having time to take pre-guest arrival shots. I was still in my sweats and socks with coffee stains as guests began to trickle in. The crazy thing is when you tell people a time they usually arrive late. This time I told everyone 30 minutes earlier than the real party time and everyone came AT THAT TIME! On the bright side the kids were able to use all of the unicorn time that we had. Thanks to my personal photographer BB and my new friend Reggie for capturing these pictures!

Last year our family had a few obstacles to overcome. Some required us moving to 3 different cities abruptly all within 5 months. One of those moves was right at KAT’s first birthday and we had to cancel our party plans. So many people said “she won’t remember anyway” not realizing that only made my blood boil. Our children felt our stress. They too had to make adjustments. So this year we were determined to make some kind of magic.

In a later post I will share my handy work that I did to personalize the party decor and favors.  For now scroll down and experience the party too!

The goal was to find individually wrapped candies for the dessert table to keep the bugs away. It worked!

Unicorn Cake – Cake Couture Boutique

Unicorn Cookies – Bailey Lane Bakery

Cake Couture Boutique located in Raleigh, NC and Bailey Lane Bakery also located in Raleigh, NC provided the beautiful cake and sugar cookies. These vendors were so easy to deal with and reasonably priced. It was nice to just say “I would like some unicorns please” and get the response “No problem! I can do that”. All I had to do was pay and pick up. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie! (Weirdest saying)

Anywho, you already know every event has its hiccups right? Aside from guests being on time (who does that?) the backdrop fell 2 or 3 times as I was getting ready. Leave it to my mother to try to rig it and not tell me. As for my amazing father who picked up the cake had to drive over approximately one thousand and one speed bumps in my neighborhood. The poor unicorn had ruffled her buttercream curls in her stable getting to us. Click on the family photo below to see a video clip of how KAT felt about Uni ( I secretly named the cake) . Oh and that cute stupid cake stand wasn’t sturdy enough for the cake. Refund please.



Many thanks to Pony Spot for providing such beautiful and sweet ponies as well as great service!

Yes it is a REAL unicorn!

Ok its a decorated horse. Use your imagination.

Meet Katy! That was my college roommate’s name… … … um I love you Katie lol (I did not name the unicorn)

The Empress KAT on her noble steed!

Intense grooming session.

80’s Prom here you come!

Considering the fact that The Empress Sisters had no nap, no real food of substance, and pretty much babysat themselves for the first half of the day I think they thoroughly enjoyed this party. Their brother-friend (friend who is like a brother) actually went home saying “we had a unicorn party and it was awesome!”. That right there folks was all the confirmation I needed to tell me that it was a success. Whether or not the adults enjoyed it (which they were considered and treated as well) , if their kids go home and harass them about unicorns then I have done my job.

Unicorn Fluff anyone?

Leotard – BeanPlantCo (Etsy), Skirt – The Children’s Place

Shirt- Marshalls, Skirt – Old Navy

Plotting her first task in her Tot-Nager Two’s

Thank You to everyone who celebrated with us and those that sent their love! We appreciate you all!

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino




Our family and friends know that we have a thing for mythical creatures… particularly the UNICORN. Needless to say this mama who is a Starbucks junkie was ecstatic to hear rumours of a unicorn inspired beverage in the works. The Unicorn Frappuccino made its debut on Wednesday and I simply wasn’t in the mood for it. The day was gloomy and gross outside and I envisioned my experience with this magical drink to be nothing less than MAGICAL.

Haha! Guess what? Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and people were driving me insane with their cutsie Instagram posts of MY DRINK. Well enough of your reviews. The Empress Sisters and I tried it for ourselves and here is what we thought.


FIRST LET ME START HERE! Starbucks had a HUGE buzz about this drink and was not prepared to meet the demand. This mama is not usually prepared to go anywhere until after nap time and I have two daughters. Im going to type that again. I have TWO daughters that require outfits, hair, outfit changes, drama, and more drama. I didn’t get out of the house until 4:30ish. I finally arrive at Starbucks and the barista twiddling her fingers says “uuuuuuh, yea, no we don’t have that here. We aren’t even supposed to serve cream based drinks and our district manager and some other guy was here and said thats all of it that we are gonna get. I can get you some other coffee if you want… womp, womp, womp”.

Wait, WHAT?

That conversation didn’t go too much further as I declined her offer and left. I called Starbucks after Starbucks because any parent knows the struggle is real getting in and out of the car; strapping and unstrapping car seats. Each location pretty much had the same response “We JUST ran out”.


I wait one day… ok one day and three quarters and I almost miss out?! ON MY DRINK?! But the unicorns saved a little joy in a cup just for my babies and I. We found a Starbucks that still had the potion and went straight to it.


We got these pretty little masterpieces and they were GROSS! It tasted like Milk of Magnesia with a hint of sugar and whip cream. Seriously! I cried a little on the inside. I kept drinking because I wanted to like it so badly. The girls kept chanting “Unicorn Shake” and I kept a smile on my face, but one by one they started hitting the trash. MAT dropped hers and I couldn’t have been happier. KAT didn’t want anymore so I figured “this is going to be easier than I thought”, until MAT claimed the rights to her sister’s unfinished drink. Shoot!

She drank most of it. We went on our way to the At Home store to make mommy feel better and judging by the wind the girls were passing through the aisles, they were making themselves feel better too.


Dear Starbeez,

You have let me down. You have let these innocent unicorns down. Thank you however, for a great adventure.


One Disappointed Mama


P.S. –  I came home to a card in the mail that let me know these “adventures” aren’t just for me. They are for my little empresses. May they always remember that their mommy does the absolute freaking most for them.  I hope they have nothing less than strangely amazing memories and stories to tell for the rest of their magical lives.





Potty Training Chronicles 


Today I have decided to pick up where I left off on potty training with KAT. Hopefully this mommy can stick to the script and stay consistent. There are several tricks to potty training , but the MAIN trick is for us parents to REMAIN CONSISTENT. It is so easy to derail from what we started because life happens and who are we kidding, WE ARE FREAKING BUSY! It can also be frustrating if they have an accident when they appear to be getting the hang of it, but it really isn’t their fault.

Think about it. Babies/Toddlers go #1 or #2 wherever and whenever in this awesome moisture wicking booty hugger. They even do it in their sleep. They have to train their brains to adjust to sitting on a hole when they have to relieve themselves. So before getting upset think about how easy it is for you to train your brain on sticking to that diet or going to the gym more than a few times a year.

Here are a few items and tips that I have found to work for my little people!









First order of business was to find a potty. Now my husband and I already have experience with MAT so we knew that a flashy, colorful,  and fun potty would absolutely NOT WORK. It is way too distracting for a toddler. Keep it simple. If you want to incorporate fun, create a potty chart and reward them with a sticker or a treat each time they go. Personally, I’ve gotten tired of finding stickers in the most random places so I just sing a really awesome, repetitive, made up potty song while dancing like a lunatic… “Ooooh yeeaaaaa! You pee-peed on the toilet!” x 1,897,943.

This Summer Infant My Size Potty has a spot to put wipes in it, but I keep it empty. There is an additional compartment that I hide the wipes and stickers in. That way when I give my toddler “privacy”, she isn’t getting distracted by the reachable things. And if I can be totally honest, sometimes I turn off the lights to REALLY eliminate distractions. Sorry kid, but you have one job in there.

Also, we use Gerber Toddler Girl’s Training Pants (they come in colors for boys and gender neutral tighty whitey). They are a lot of work to keep clean, but when your little one feels the discomfort of being wet they begin to acknowledge it. KAT’s favorite line right now is “uh-oh I pee-peed in my panty”. My response… “Thank you for telling mommy. Lets get a new one”.  I rinse them out, throw them in the washing machine and wash them all at the end of the night so they are clean for the next day. Oh yea, if you don’t want pee on your floors, rugs, bed or couch, put sweat pants over the underpants. Its like they are wearing a towel! GENIUS RIGHT?!


Oh The Potty Time Potty Watch, how I ♥ love ♥ thee! This thing plays a fun tune and lights up every 30, 60, or 90 minutes. For the early stages of potty training it is best to set it for every 30 minutes. Trust me, they go that often. Once they get used to holding it for the potty then you can progressively extend the time. It definitely helps parents keep track of how long it has been since the last potty run and gives the child an accessory that they like. This watch also helps take the weight off of parents from being the mean ol’ monster telling your kid “sit there and use the potty”. Now we can blame it on the watch. At our house when the watch sings KAT says “*gasp*  TIME TO GO TO THE TOILET” while big sister MAT thinks that she is the second alarm.













Ok now my last tip, which can be a crucial one for remaining consistent is to get a potty for on the go. I keep this Summer Infant Fun Potty in my car. It has a lid so I can close in the funk and the pot insert is small enough for me to line it with a bag for easy clean up. I usually have Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bags for dirty diaper disposal, but if my mombie (mom- zombie) brain forgets to re-up my supply any plastic bag (preferably none with holes) will do. I hate public bathrooms and especially with 2 small kids we are all more comfortable handling our business in the car. And yes you read that correctly, I said OUR. There has been a time or 2 or 3 that I’ve had to use it myself. To all of my fellow moms lets warn these future moms and dads that once you get pregnant your bladder dies forever.


Back In Business

Backpacks: Nike, Sweaters and Booties: Carter’s, Pants: Target (Cat & Jack)

Hello everyone!

As some of you may notice our first post was at the top of the new year and there hasn’t been another… UNTIL NOW! Well due to technical difficulties uploading photos to the website  and hopefully having it figured out now we are back in business! At a good time too because with the spring being here we will definitely be getting out and about a lot more than we have been. Is it just us or does it seem like this past winter everyone has been ridiculously sick and had a hard time recovering? Anywho, SPARKLE through it right?

Since a few planned posts haven’t been able to make it I will be doing one, maybe 2 posts sharing some of my favorite winter styles of MAT & KAT. Also, KAT is turning 2 in just a few weeks so be on the lookout for some of my party crafts for a fun UNICORN themed party! Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! How did we celebrate? Well lets start with wardrobe. MAT picked the attire for the ladies and we were pretty cozy in our  Target footie pajamas (mine being about 8 or 9 years old). While we got all slumber party ready Daddy or as The Empress Sisters call him, “Daddn'”, rented the movie Storks on iTunes. It kept them up until about 11:40… yea only 20 minutes before midnight! Drowsy and lethargic they managed to give new year hugs and kisses then crawled into their cozy beds. Today we start with big goals for this year. One being this blog (should’ve started a loooooong time ago). So thank you all for checking us out and hopefully you join us for this sparkle filled journey.


Footie Pajamas: Target (Just One You made by Carter’s)