Despicable Me 3!!!!!

OMG people our family is in love with this entire series! I have shared recently to my family and friends on the “Book of Faces” that MAT was actually born to Discpicable Me and although I had an unexpected C-section with KAT I labored to Despicable Me 2! Since we heard the news of a third film coming out I continuously joke in a serious tone to my love that we may need to pop out another bambino by the time it hits Blu-Ray and digital 😕.


We like that we sometimes get to see movies the day before the premier date so check your local theater next time there is a movie you want to see. Our family literally is in the theater for almost every kids movie it seems like. Our theater that we are loyal to has the little pull in trays, reclining leather love seats, and high wall for privacy. Our 3 and 2 year old definitely know the movie theater drill, but sometimes they get antsy. This style of movie watching is perfect for us to be comfortable.

How else do we make these trips comfortable? We pack our own snacks in my purse. Don’t pretend that you don’t or that your parents didn’t do it when you were a kid. I hate those kids boxes that has the popcorn, drink, and a fruit snack. We have tons of fruit snacks at home and we don’t care for giving the girls fountain drinks. Not only that, but that crap is expensive. So here is what we do. 

We buy one large popcorn and occasionally a nice cold fizzy Coke for daddy and I. I have these clear plastic cups with dome lids that I bought for our personal popcorn machine at home. It keeps the popcorn from ending up all over the place. We also don’t have to keep passing the one popcorn bag back and forth. The kettle corn seasoning is for me! I also pack our own fruit snacks and drinks. Instead of candy they can have animal crackers. Some may say we are cheating them out of the full movie theater experience, but I say the opposite. I’m carrying on a family tradition of having good ol’ cheap fun. Is that illegal? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I WON’T GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT THE MOVIE! However, I will say you all have gotten the vibe from me by now that The Empress Sisters and The Empress Mommy are unicorn freaks. Leading up to the big day that Dispicable Me 3 hit theaters there have been merchandise galore centered around Agnus and her stuffed unicorn that she got in the first film. It might be a little too late for some of you, but don’t go Agnus or unicorn crazy with the idea that they will be the star of the show. They are not. Luckily majority of our toys are from McDonald’s (they come with the Happy Meals, but daddy just buys the toys and stashes them in his car until movie day)


As far as the overall vibe of Despicable Me 3… I loved it, my husband loved it, and most importantly MAT and KAT loved it. It started off getting the adult audience locked in with some seriously cool throwback music and nostalgia. Your kids may ask “what is that?” with a screw face or they may just laugh with you thinking that’s what they are supposed to do in that moment. Either way SCHOOL THESE LITTLE TATER TOTS! It ended with the potential to have a follow up, but viewers definitely won’t be disappointed if the train stopped here. At least I won’t because people would think I’m crazy keeping a child count based on a movie. My husband might too 🤔. And NO the Minions movie does not count. Maybe we’ll get a pet for that one. Anyway, take the kiddies today for a movie treat! It’s a good one!

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