Fairytale Ball


It has been a fast 2 months time, but I’m not going to lie I get writer’s block. I have been like that all of my life. I have a lot of pieces that I’ve never completed because I just couldn’t get my words right or I simply wasn’t feeling it anymore. Week after week I have opened my laptop to write and I felt like I was typing just to be typing. Nothing made sense to me. That happens sometimes. Trust me bloggers have a tough job, especially those that have sponsors. When I get there oh I will have loads of material. Now that I got that off of my fingertips I am ready to dive into the most recent Empress adventure. The Empress Sisters went to a Fairytale Ball!

For the last few months I have seen photos of children’s parties where a team of familiar Princesses are the highlight of the event. I doubt that they could advertise that they are Disney Princesses due to copyright laws, but hey I’m not mad at it. Pretty Princess Parties are a children’s entertainment company based out of Minneapolis. This was a FUN, FUN, FUN event however, I couldn’t help noticing that the princesses at the ball did not all resemble the princesses I saw on their website. Maybe they have a rotation. Maybe they hire local princesses in the states they travel to. I have not confirmed either, but they were um… different.

Going into this I just knew we (my mom and I) were going to get a ton of great shots. I set myself up for failure. For one I waited until the last minute, as in the night before (2 hours until closing) to get wardrobe in order. That was a BAD IDEA for this time of year because hardly anywhere had formal wear for children. I kept getting “We should be getting some soon for the holidays”… excuse me? Many children do go to church throughout the year. Are you telling me they can only buy formal wear at the end of the year? As usual Macy’s saved the day, but I was so disappointed with their toddler selection. In terms of size there were only 4 dresses to choose from. We purchased all four and two went straight back the next morning!

Rare Editions – Cap Sleeve Special Occassion Dress (Sorry guys I could not find KAT’s dress online.)

Now Pretty Princess Parties encouraged that parents dress their children as their favorite characters, but I wasn’t doing that. The Empress Sisters dress up in their princess dresses at home and this was an opportunity for them to get a little fancier than usual. I found myself also being disappointed with the lack of formal footwear. I ended up grabbing 2 pairs of sparkly numbers from Rack Room Shoes. Major shout-out to The Emperor Daddn’ because he drove back to Rack Room THREE times after my original purchase exchanging sizes. Dress shoes can be freaking tricky so I advise you all not to wait like I did.

We started the morning with Daddn’ making his girls a princess breakfast on princess themed dishware. After breakfast I was playing the role of hairdresser which is an all day affair when it comes to these curly divas. Even with all the preparation for the day and Daddn’ running the streets to get shoes and washing the car (making sure they had a clean ride), The Empress Sisters had no idea they were about to attend this magical Fairytale Ball.

That entire day I felt like we were all dragging and doing the most for no reason. The girls were cranky as usual and I was over my laundry list of tasks before even getting to it. Finally we were all dressed and ready to hit the ball! The Emperor Daddn’ was going, but being the sweet man that he is, he figured my mom would enjoy the evening. I think it is safe to say that she loved sharing this experience with GG’s girls.

Hola, GG!

Ok so remember I said we could only imagine how great these photos were going to be, right? I took a day or two to finally go through them and I had a few surprises that made me literally laugh out loud. To be honest those shots were the best I got. My kids are socially awkward as many children are, but the photos and videos I have captured exactly how awkward they are. See MAT is our shy child. Although she is the oldest, KAT is the protector and encourager.

KAT noticed that MAT was slowly moving back to where I was. She came back and put her arm behind MAT as if to say “I got you sissie”. When I tell you it melted my heart I almost didn’t get the photo. After about a minute or two KAT began to give her sister a little tug toward the dance floor. So they get to the dance floor and MAT just stands there. KAT started to let go just a tad bit and progressively opened up. As she began to come out of her shell MAT stayed 2 levels behind making sure not to be too free. My poor Empresses don’t do crowds too well. Take a look below to see their anxiety go through different phases after being thrown into the pack of wild princesses.

Phase 1: “Sissie we are really out here. In the middle. Now what?”

Phase 2: “If this little girl bumps into me one more time I’m going to scream like a kettle!”


Phase 4 was the final phase the girls went through during the ball. This phase was the awkward/tired/forced smile phase as MAT & KAT made their rounds to take photos with each princess. This was quite interesting because MAT is very observant and particular in her quietness. She took note of body type, accents, voices, and other distinctions of each princess that wasn’t sitting too well with her spirit. Earlier this summer we actually saw Belle at a mall event and MAT kept asking when the other Belle was going to show up. As beautiful as the Belle of the Fairytale Ball was, she just wasn’t adding up.


One highlight for this mama is the package for the event included professional shots with the leading lady of the evening… Belle 2.0.

Ana and Elsa made a cool Sister Sister moment.


Elena was actually MAT’s favorite. Hello Ariel!


MAT wanted no parts of Tiana because her accent wasn’t accurate. Cinderella was nice!


Jasmine and Snow White were super sweet!


Rapunzel and Moana’s hair definitely made us do a double take.  

Needless to say we had a great time. It was a great experience for the kids. In the moment I described it as a mini trip to Disney without the rides.  I have to acknowledge a few AMAZING fathers dressed all out in suit and tie to bring their daughters on a date to a ball. Way to go dads!!

It was getting close to bedtime, but this place didn’t serve food. Womp, womp! The Empress Sisters were tired and hungry. I could only recall my childhood days growing up in New York. I lived in Queens so our outings back then were spent in the city of Manhattan. Those late night train rides all dressed up were a struggle, but we were just glad to be out enjoying just a piece of what the world had to offer in our spiffy outfits! I wanted to allow my children to enjoy the late night struggle. Where did we go? According to MAT & KAT it was the biggest building EVER…

The Cheesecake Factory

We ate, we chatted, and we laughed at The Empress Sisters’ recap of the Fairytale Ball.



Lastly, we made it home safely and realized THE STRUGGLE WAS ABOUT TO GET SUPER REAL! Getting from the car to the house then from downstair to upstairs for our bedtime routine there were a whole new set of phases to go through. Considering The Emperor Daddn’ had spent the past five hours chillin’ on the couch you can guess which child he got to assist with.


Just chill and let the world fix itself.

The End


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