Fall in Full Effect!

Hey Beautiful People! On today many of you may be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoying some much needed family time. From the Empress Sisters to you all Happy Holidays!

The chill in the air is definitely an indication that the seasons have changed, but for some reason it doesn’t quite feel like fall until Thanksgiving. We just want to share some of our tips for staying warm and fashionable. This goes for little people and grown-ups as well. Throughout this fall and upcoming winter season you will notice our wardrobe will feature lots of outerwear that we will layer in different ways.

Here in North Carolina we still get pretty nice weather especially when the sun is out.  Earlier this week MAT had her 4 year doctor’s appointment and the weather was perfect for…

ponchos and sunglasses!

I want to be like these 2 when I grow up. #Perched #PartedLips

Sunglasses are a must accessory all year long. (Janie and Jack)

I purchased these ponchos at the end of the last winter season from Old Navy for  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS a piece. It is hard for me to add links to a lot of the items The Empress Sisters wear because I really do shop Clearance in preparation for the following year. What is so great about this look was that it was super chic yet so basic. Underneath they both wore all black basic pieces.

She’s not comfortable unless her sleeves are rolled up. Literally. It’s her signature.


First time with this hairstyle! We love!

As you can see MAT was feeling herself in this H&M number. The sweater has fringe details down the arms (cowgirl style). These leggings have edgy faux leather knee patches that look like it could be an accent on her knee-high boots purchased at Marshalls.

KAT had on a GAP top and bottom that once belonged to big sister.  Her Tahari boots, also from Marshalls was gently loved by big sister. The thing I love about the GAP is the quality of their clothes. I was quite surprised when rearranging their closets and drawers to see how great the black still looked. Black is my go-to so I know MAT wore those pants A LOT.

Ok another fun option that I swear by is to throw a vest on top of a jacket. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I do not believe style has to be sacrificed for warmth.  Not to mention all parents should know that we CANNOT strap our kids in their car seats with puffy coats. Also, the girls wear undershirts or tank tops under everything during the cold months.

Here is an example from a year ago. Same faux fur vest KAT is wearing this year (below).

MAT’s Vest: Target (boys section) MAT’s Jacket: Gymboree (compliments of a big cousin)

KAT’s Vest: Target (2 years old) KAT’s Jacket: H&M ($7 on clearance)

KAT is the Empress of mischief. LOL

Having daughters is so much fun. We can get creative with outfits and hairstyles however we want. I love that they see the fun in it!

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