Halloween 2017! “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

HAPPY DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable day for those who celebrate the holiday and also for those that do not. Growing up, I have never gone trick-or-treating. I got to wear costumes and go to a family member’s annual halloween party, but never door to door. My first trick-or-treat experience was as MAT had her first trick-or-treat experience. Sad I know. Luckily I had one of my besties showing us the ropes and the following year we tagged along with my sister-in-law.

Every year so far we have kept MAT and KAT in the Disney Princess theme.  Last Halloween The Empress Sisters were Beauty and The Beast. I spent hours making MAT’s Beast costume and realized then that the effort put into creating your own costumes makes a great impact not only on Halloween, but it builds up the kids excitement seeing their costumes come to life. This year I was bored with the princess idea because they dress up in that stuff ALL YEAR ROUND now.

MAT’s first Halloween 2014: Princess Snow White-Black!

KAT’s first Halloween 2015: Princess Jasmine & Princess Tiana!

Halloween 2016: Beauty and the Beast!

Knowing we wanted to do something different we were still STUMPED; especially when layering clothes for warmth is a must for us. We couldn’t make up our minds and was all over the place with ideas. One of my oldest friends from elementary school reached out and asked if the girls would be interested in some Halloween stuff that her nieces were too old for. Of course I said YES not knowing all she had, but keeping in mind the girls would enjoy seeing a box of Halloween goodies arrive on their doorstep. A box came with brand new pumkin carving and decorating kits, giant stickers, a game, and a Dorothy of Wizard of Oz costume. 

I was happy just having another option in their dress-up collection, but I didn’t think that would end up being the theme of this year’s Halloween costumes. When we reached the weekend leading into Halloween I gave up trying to figure it out and decided we are going to use what we got. After MAT let me know she was all in as Dorothy I had to quickly plan KAT’s co-star costume. Toto the dog was never an option. Call me a strange cat (pun intended), but I don’t even like them to play around as dogs in their normal play.

It would have been nice if we all could have had a family theme like I have been planning for years. Unfortunately when it boils down to it we wait until the final hours to execute a plan that we only have time to focus on the kids. Anyway, since I did not want KAT to be just one member of the posse Dorothy rounded up on her journey I figured I’ll make her the rainbow Dorothy sings about in the iconic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I sent my husband to a pool supply store for pool noodles and everyone thought I lost my mind this time. They couldnt see my vision. Being that it definitely isn’t pool season anymore our color selection of pool noodles were limited. So what does one do when the clock is ticking? You buy what they have and paint those suckers.

I was impressing myself with how cost effective my plan was and it was actually inspiring my creative process. I get a high on spending the least amount of money possible. I remembered we had extra cotton stuffing left over from KAT’s duvet and figured it would be dope to make little clouds at the ends of the rainbow. There was JUST ENOUGH stuffing. Whew?!  

Ok now how would a 2 year old carry a pool noodle rainbow? On a backpack! That was another project in itself. I wasn’t sure how I would attatch it to the backpack so I wanted to use an older and less expensive bag in case it needed to be sacrificed for the sake of completing the look. In the process I had to cover up the fox design on the bag. It had a good run, but there were juice stains that werent coming out anyway and it didn’t match the theme. In The Empress Mommy fashion I threw some glitter on it and brought new life to a bag that would have otherwise been tossed. Don’t worry I sealed the glitter.

Inside the backack was a Bluetooth speaker. It played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland on repeat the entire evening. It was funny seeing the neighbors trying to figure out where the music was coming from. And that my friends is how the story of the rainbow went. Press play below to see and hear how it played out live.



Dorothy was pretty easy. However, Dorothy was known for putting on those sparkly ruby shoes and making her statement down the yellow brick road. I had to bring those shoes to life for MAT. We went to Wal-Mart to get a few art supplies and MAT spotted these adorable silver shoes. She noticed it had a heel on it just like Dorothy. My soon to be four year old saw the vision and it only cost me $14. I couldn’t have been more proud. So there I was buying my baby her first pair of heels (that hurt her feet by the end of the night… welcome to the club my child). She helped me craft these already good pair of shoes into ruby beauties. 

The down side to having your kids grow up is that the photos aren’t as easy to capture anymore. MAT had her Daddn’ wrapped around her finger and they zoomed from house to house. She wasnt waiting for her Rainbow sister to figure out how she was going to get her huge contraption on and off the neighbor’s doorsteps. Oops! lol.

I do have one final thought. Sometimes I get my feelings hurt because people think I “do the most”. I get the “I should have known you would do something like that” and it catches me off guard. I get in a zone when it comes to planning for my children and making beautiful things for them. They inspire me! They motivate me! If I am not pouring into my own children who will? I have talents that allow me to teach my children to be creative. Listen, you can buy all kinds of things these days (education included), but if it is NOT what you want then work hard to CREATE it. A cardboard box can become many things. #PeaceLoveAndSparkle

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