Her Royal FIVEness MAT!

Hello World!! So it has been almost a year since our last blog post and I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long. For those that do not know us personally our family is growing by one more person in December (if I can make it). This has been a tough pregnancy for all of us, but The Empress Sisters are handling it like CHAMPS! They are already awesome big sisters to this little Royal baby. With that being said, we figured that MAT has been deserving of having her 5th birthday party request fulfilled! I never had a chance to share MAT’s 4th Birthday Party or KAT’s 3rd so be on the lookout for for that post hopefully before the year is out. Let’s go ahead and dive in to last weekend’s event!

Now where did “Her Royal FIVEness” theme come from? Last year we attended a Princess Ball in our area that I shared with you all and MAT & KAT loved it. They asked about it again this year, but this mama wasn’t feeling the repeat. When we asked MAT what she wanted to do for her birthday she said she wanted her own Princess Ball where everyone would get dressed up. I really liked the idea however, I really didn’t want to have the cliché Disney princess party pack. Actually, I didn’t envision any specific Disney princesses being present at this ball at all.

MAT’s favorite color is Red. Always has been! Originally all I could think of was Red, Gold, and White for a color scheme, but every idea on Pinterest showed me that those colors may come across too mature or too bridal. I gave in and started looking up specific Disney princess parties on Pinterest. Belle and Snow White color schemes fit perfectly. All I had to add was a little Navy or Royal Blue to the mix.

My mom does event decorating so most of what we used for decor was already in her inventory. Score for this mama! Although I’ve had this party vision since the spring, being sick this entire pregnancy really took a toll on me that this party wasn’t going to happen anymore until about a month ago. My mom coming off of a super busy season made it clear that we HAD TO make this party happen. All of that included finding a venue and securing a cake which are the hardest things to do last minute (especially going into the holidays). We managed to get both done!

For the adult table centerpieces we used miniature trees that my mom usually hangs strings of crystals from. This time we figured most princess stories involve them roaming through a forest and Belle is known for the iconic rose. Viola! We made the forest trees bloom roses. The napkins were also rolled into cute little Navy roses.

For the kids table we didn’t have much room to add a ton of decoration and we were also nervous about them possibly knocking things down. Hobby Lobby has these cute little flower shaped charger plates (available in several color options) and I had a family member ship these adorable child sized silverware sets from a hidden treasures store in New York. I knew about them because we use them at home. The night before the party I remembered an apple detail was going to come to play in the party design so I quickly glittered some real apples to place under each tree on the adult tables. As the set up began, they became perfect for incorporating red into the kids table. My mom also sprayed this once black candelabra gold. In a rush all of the crystals didn’t make it back on in time, but the effect sure was there. Lol!

For the backdrop I made my usual paper flowers. I am not a fan of making them because they are way too time consuming for me, but MAT knew what she wanted. She sees the things her GG and I do for other events and she wanted us to share a taste of that for her. That’s what we did! And the food was prepared by mom and mother-in-law so yeah! Work was definitely put in!

Ok now lets talk about the cake! When I tell you all that my Cake Lady Brie and her team at Cake Couture Boutique are the absolute best I mean it! They are all so sweet and always come through! When I went to see Brie I did not have the slightest clue on what I wanted MAT’s cake to look like. At the time I just told her the colors were red and gold, but I didn’t want it to look mature. As she scrolled through my room set up ideas on Pinterest she stopped and said “I got you! I’ll work something out”. I pretty much left the idea and concept all up to her and she was spot on! The only thing I knew that she wanted to try was the apple on the top. The cake was perfectly executed and the rose detail was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again CAKE COUTURE!!

Oh I almost forgot about the favors! I’ll be honest that I did not want to blow the bank on a candy/treat table. People don’t realize how expensive it can be to really make your treat table full. Coming off of Halloween and trick or treating the last thing I wanted to do was load these kids down with more candy. You are welcome parents. I went to my local Ollie’s discount store where I love to get books for The Empress Sisters. I managed to find books of all the same style of the classic royalty themed stories for each child to take home. Those stores included Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, & The Princess and The Pea for the little ladies. For the little gentlemen we had The Emperor’s New Clothes and Rumpelstiltskin. The babies and big kids weren’t excluded. They had book options as well.

In addition to the books I found some Oriental Trading plastic Goblet cups on Amazon. They can also be found on the Oriental Trading website. We only filled them with a little confetti and a few chocolate gold coins. Lastly, each child had a paper crown courtesy of my favorite place, Target! I enjoyed the non-candy option maybe a little too much. I may be trying to find candy alternatives more often.

All in all Her Royal FIVEness was beyond pleased with her day! Pulling out of the venue parking lot she shouted “This was the best party ever!”. Isn’t that what every parent wants to hear? I get sensitive when it comes to planning parties for MAT. This time of year is always the hardest because everyone is planning for the holidays or they get sick. I always get on edge about not enough kids showing up. Of course that was the case again this year, but we still had a good turn out! The children were dressed up and sat at the table for their Royal dinner like the royalty they are. It was beautiful!

Thank you to all that contributed to and participated in MAT’s birthday celebration! Thank you to all that sent their well wishes that wanted to be there, but couldn’t! We love and appreciate you all!

One last thought… We often joke about how similar HER ROYAL FIVENESS MAT is to my grandmother! Here is proof! My grandmother is just as particular about what she likes/wants and her favorite color is RED!


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