KAT’s Unicorn Party

Hi guys! Today I am starting with a heads-up note. Having a house party things got a little hectic. Please excuse any photos with blurred faces due to me not having time to take pre-guest arrival shots. I was still in my sweats and socks with coffee stains as guests began to trickle in. The crazy thing is when you tell people a time they usually arrive late. This time I told everyone 30 minutes earlier than the real party time and everyone came AT THAT TIME! On the bright side the kids were able to use all of the unicorn time that we had. Thanks to my personal photographer BB and my new friend Reggie for capturing these pictures!

Last year our family had a few obstacles to overcome. Some required us moving to 3 different cities abruptly all within 5 months. One of those moves was right at KAT’s first birthday and we had to cancel our party plans. So many people said “she won’t remember anyway” not realizing that only made my blood boil. Our children felt our stress. They too had to make adjustments. So this year we were determined to make some kind of magic.

In a later post I will share my handy work that I did to personalize the party decor and favors.  For now scroll down and experience the party too!

The goal was to find individually wrapped candies for the dessert table to keep the bugs away. It worked!

Unicorn Cake – Cake Couture Boutique

Unicorn Cookies – Bailey Lane Bakery

Cake Couture Boutique located in Raleigh, NC and Bailey Lane Bakery also located in Raleigh, NC provided the beautiful cake and sugar cookies. These vendors were so easy to deal with and reasonably priced. It was nice to just say “I would like some unicorns please” and get the response “No problem! I can do that”. All I had to do was pay and pick up. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie! (Weirdest saying)

Anywho, you already know every event has its hiccups right? Aside from guests being on time (who does that?) the backdrop fell 2 or 3 times as I was getting ready. Leave it to my mother to try to rig it and not tell me. As for my amazing father who picked up the cake had to drive over approximately one thousand and one speed bumps in my neighborhood. The poor unicorn had ruffled her buttercream curls in her stable getting to us. Click on the family photo below to see a video clip of how KAT felt about Uni ( I secretly named the cake) . Oh and that cute stupid cake stand wasn’t sturdy enough for the cake. Refund please.



Many thanks to Pony Spot for providing such beautiful and sweet ponies as well as great service!

Yes it is a REAL unicorn!

Ok its a decorated horse. Use your imagination.

Meet Katy! That was my college roommate’s name… … … um I love you Katie lol (I did not name the unicorn)

The Empress KAT on her noble steed!

Intense grooming session.

80’s Prom here you come!

Considering the fact that The Empress Sisters had no nap, no real food of substance, and pretty much babysat themselves for the first half of the day I think they thoroughly enjoyed this party. Their brother-friend (friend who is like a brother) actually went home saying “we had a unicorn party and it was awesome!”. That right there folks was all the confirmation I needed to tell me that it was a success. Whether or not the adults enjoyed it (which they were considered and treated as well) , if their kids go home and harass them about unicorns then I have done my job.

Unicorn Fluff anyone?

Leotard – BeanPlantCo (Etsy), Skirt – The Children’s Place

Shirt- Marshalls, Skirt – Old Navy

Plotting her first task in her Tot-Nager Two’s

Thank You to everyone who celebrated with us and those that sent their love! We appreciate you all!

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  1. Valerie Spencer-Byrd says:

    Kat’s Unicorn party looks uniquely magical….And so was this blog about her magical day!….Kudos!

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