We have been in our new home for almost a year now. In our old house we had a bonus room above our garage that dubbed as a playroom and a guest room. The playroom side was a bright orange and the guest room side remained a neutral shade of eggshell. While I was pregnant with KAT it was nice to lay in the guest bed and watch MAT play. Eventually it led to me watching them both play and the design of the room evolved.

I was laying in the guest bed when I took this photo.

In our new home we lucked out with another bonus room, but decided that this time we don’t need a guest room. We have small children who require a lot of STUFF. I can count on one hand how often we’ve had an overnight guest in the last three years. Im a big believer of creating your home for your own needs and likes than for other people that don’t live there. Not only that, but would you rather clean up your children’s rooms every day of toys, clothes and more toys or be able to just toss the toys in one room specifically for that purpose and close the door? I choose the latter!

So now here we are. I hated the paint they used to sell this house. Room by room we have been making this chalky taupe paint disappear. One room that drove me insane was the playroom. With the dull lighting, dull paint, and colorful toys with no special place to put them just gave me a headache. We didn’t want to invest in shelving and decor before painting. Here is a glimpse of what our current playroom looked like before. I don’t have many pictures in there because… because… well because it was just a hot mess (literally).

KAT never uses that cradle for dolls LOL!

I had an accent wall taped in a triangular pattern for months, but never went through with the design. Then one day a friend of mine called and said needed a place to crash for a few weeks and I thought, “Great. Now I have to paint and get this place organized”.  I ripped the old tape job down and took an easier route.  Here is my color palette.

Shout out to my husband’s taping skills! Im the painter *wink wink*.

These Valspar Signature colors are also used in the girls bedrooms. MAT’s room is painted in Coral Reef and KAT’s is painted in Classic Lilac.  I started with a base color, Sea Lilly for the entire room which would also be the border color for my geometric shapes on my accent wall. We chose a satin finish because in our experience it is easier to clean.  The next phase is where the fun really began! TAPING SHAPES!!! There was no method to it and to be honest deciding where I wanted to put the next line was quite therapeutic.

I painted one color at a time (2 coats).

I was so excited pulling the tape back to reveal my masterpiece! 12 hours on this wall alone was totally worth it! I couldn’t wait to bring everything back in. But first, how were we going to keep everything organized? CUBBIES! I always wanted a library of books for the girls and these ClosetMaid  cubbies from Lowe’s would allow us to create a library effect along with storage bins to hide away the hundreds of loose toys. The Mainstays Window Storage Bins I picked up at Walmart are perfect for my strong need for organization. Each bin is organized by theme (movies, tv shows, plush, kids meal toys… blah, blah, blah). The window in the bins allows The Empress Sisters to see inside for what they want BEFORE dumping each bin in a mad search! MOM WIN! Now all 4 cubbies are going to be stacked on one wall, but we haven’t mounted them yet. For safety reasons we will temporarily keep them how they are.

This temporary reading corner will become my office nook (one of a few). It would be nice to work and be close to my little empresses.

There you have it! The playroom makeover is far from complete, but the hardest job of painting and creating storage is DONE! Oh and one last thing… our old couch that we’ve had before the children makes for good seating up here for us parents. This playroom is finally PLAYDATE ready!

Potty Training Chronicles 


Today I have decided to pick up where I left off on potty training with KAT. Hopefully this mommy can stick to the script and stay consistent. There are several tricks to potty training , but the MAIN trick is for us parents to REMAIN CONSISTENT. It is so easy to derail from what we started because life happens and who are we kidding, WE ARE FREAKING BUSY! It can also be frustrating if they have an accident when they appear to be getting the hang of it, but it really isn’t their fault.

Think about it. Babies/Toddlers go #1 or #2 wherever and whenever in this awesome moisture wicking booty hugger. They even do it in their sleep. They have to train their brains to adjust to sitting on a hole when they have to relieve themselves. So before getting upset think about how easy it is for you to train your brain on sticking to that diet or going to the gym more than a few times a year.

Here are a few items and tips that I have found to work for my little people!









First order of business was to find a potty. Now my husband and I already have experience with MAT so we knew that a flashy, colorful,  and fun potty would absolutely NOT WORK. It is way too distracting for a toddler. Keep it simple. If you want to incorporate fun, create a potty chart and reward them with a sticker or a treat each time they go. Personally, I’ve gotten tired of finding stickers in the most random places so I just sing a really awesome, repetitive, made up potty song while dancing like a lunatic… “Ooooh yeeaaaaa! You pee-peed on the toilet!” x 1,897,943.

This Summer Infant My Size Potty has a spot to put wipes in it, but I keep it empty. There is an additional compartment that I hide the wipes and stickers in. That way when I give my toddler “privacy”, she isn’t getting distracted by the reachable things. And if I can be totally honest, sometimes I turn off the lights to REALLY eliminate distractions. Sorry kid, but you have one job in there.

Also, we use Gerber Toddler Girl’s Training Pants (they come in colors for boys and gender neutral tighty whitey). They are a lot of work to keep clean, but when your little one feels the discomfort of being wet they begin to acknowledge it. KAT’s favorite line right now is “uh-oh I pee-peed in my panty”. My response… “Thank you for telling mommy. Lets get a new one”.  I rinse them out, throw them in the washing machine and wash them all at the end of the night so they are clean for the next day. Oh yea, if you don’t want pee on your floors, rugs, bed or couch, put sweat pants over the underpants. Its like they are wearing a towel! GENIUS RIGHT?!


Oh The Potty Time Potty Watch, how I ♥ love ♥ thee! This thing plays a fun tune and lights up every 30, 60, or 90 minutes. For the early stages of potty training it is best to set it for every 30 minutes. Trust me, they go that often. Once they get used to holding it for the potty then you can progressively extend the time. It definitely helps parents keep track of how long it has been since the last potty run and gives the child an accessory that they like. This watch also helps take the weight off of parents from being the mean ol’ monster telling your kid “sit there and use the potty”. Now we can blame it on the watch. At our house when the watch sings KAT says “*gasp*  TIME TO GO TO THE TOILET” while big sister MAT thinks that she is the second alarm.













Ok now my last tip, which can be a crucial one for remaining consistent is to get a potty for on the go. I keep this Summer Infant Fun Potty in my car. It has a lid so I can close in the funk and the pot insert is small enough for me to line it with a bag for easy clean up. I usually have Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bags for dirty diaper disposal, but if my mombie (mom- zombie) brain forgets to re-up my supply any plastic bag (preferably none with holes) will do. I hate public bathrooms and especially with 2 small kids we are all more comfortable handling our business in the car. And yes you read that correctly, I said OUR. There has been a time or 2 or 3 that I’ve had to use it myself. To all of my fellow moms lets warn these future moms and dads that once you get pregnant your bladder dies forever.


Back In Business

Backpacks: Nike, Sweaters and Booties: Carter’s, Pants: Target (Cat & Jack)

Hello everyone!

As some of you may notice our first post was at the top of the new year and there hasn’t been another… UNTIL NOW! Well due to technical difficulties uploading photos to the website  and hopefully having it figured out now we are back in business! At a good time too because with the spring being here we will definitely be getting out and about a lot more than we have been. Is it just us or does it seem like this past winter everyone has been ridiculously sick and had a hard time recovering? Anywho, SPARKLE through it right?

Since a few planned posts haven’t been able to make it I will be doing one, maybe 2 posts sharing some of my favorite winter styles of MAT & KAT. Also, KAT is turning 2 in just a few weeks so be on the lookout for some of my party crafts for a fun UNICORN themed party! Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! How did we celebrate? Well lets start with wardrobe. MAT picked the attire for the ladies and we were pretty cozy in our  Target footie pajamas (mine being about 8 or 9 years old). While we got all slumber party ready Daddy or as The Empress Sisters call him, “Daddn'”, rented the movie Storks on iTunes. It kept them up until about 11:40… yea only 20 minutes before midnight! Drowsy and lethargic they managed to give new year hugs and kisses then crawled into their cozy beds. Today we start with big goals for this year. One being this blog (should’ve started a loooooong time ago). So thank you all for checking us out and hopefully you join us for this sparkle filled journey.


Footie Pajamas: Target (Just One You made by Carter’s)