Quick Catch-Up!


I know it has been a while, but we have been on the go and honestly enjoying some quality family time! Between being a wife, a  stay-at-home-mommy (SAHM), and a momprenuer these days have been exhausting for myself and The Empress Sisters. I’ve done the whole stare at the computer screen for hours in college that now if I am tired, 5 minutes in front of this screen puts me to sleep even faster. So to keep this family in sync with each other we HAVE to hit the reset button… a few times.

One of my favorite things that we have gotten into was putting together my old Barbie Dream House at my parents’ house!!! We still have 2 storage containers of Barbie stuff to go through! I can’t wait to complete that project on our next trip to GG and Papa’s house so that we can share it with you all.


Last weekend was about Gardening 101 with GG! GG is my mom by the way. I do NOT  have a green thumb at all and I actually took these photos from the back door. The New Yorker in me never left. I DON’T LIKE OUTSIDE… unless it is bug free, spider web free, lizard free, rodent free and so on and so on and so on. About 3 weeks ago I was outside spray painting some paper flowers that I made and a not so lovely spider thought my foot was breakfast. Lets just say the antibiotics I got made me worse. My foot got bigger and I broke out in hives. So now you can laugh with GG at me tucking the girls pants into their socks to go on the back porch. LOL!

Moving on. My mom, aunt and I sometimes decorate for local events which lately I’ve had to make A LOT of paper flowers for. Not really a relaxing craft for me as it is very time consuming, but the outcome is usually rewarding. I had a few left over from a banquet and here is a glimpse of what I did with them to get them off of my dining room floor.

MAT’s Room

The girls say this prayer every night and I found this artwork at Hobby Lobby for $11 before Christmas!!!! I bought two and painted the wood frame gold for MAT and silver for KAT.

We always felt that  the wall needed more and couldn’t figure out what we wanted to put there. I am going to add a couple of green leaves in between, but so far I am pleased with the direction this is going. Guess I need to get some silver flowers going for KAT’s room now.

Here is another repurposed set of flowers that was done for a high school prom. We decorated the venue and also created a selfie backdrop for the students to take their own freestyle pictures in front of. After the prom some of the teachers got to take some home, but here is what one teacher made of her batch!

Prom Backdrop

Teacher’s Living Room Wall! Photo credit goes to her!



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