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Our family and friends know that we have a thing for mythical creatures… particularly the UNICORN. Needless to say this mama who is a Starbucks junkie was ecstatic to hear rumours of a unicorn inspired beverage in the works. The Unicorn Frappuccino made its debut on Wednesday and I simply wasn’t in the mood for it. The day was gloomy and gross outside and I envisioned my experience with this magical drink to be nothing less than MAGICAL.

Haha! Guess what? Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and people were driving me insane with their cutsie Instagram posts of MY DRINK. Well enough of your reviews. The Empress Sisters and I tried it for ourselves and here is what we thought.


FIRST LET ME START HERE! Starbucks had a HUGE buzz about this drink and was not prepared to meet the demand. This mama is not usually prepared to go anywhere until after nap time and I have two daughters. Im going to type that again. I have TWO daughters that require outfits, hair, outfit changes, drama, and more drama. I didn’t get out of the house until 4:30ish. I finally arrive at Starbucks and the barista twiddling her fingers says “uuuuuuh, yea, no we don’t have that here. We aren’t even supposed to serve cream based drinks and our district manager and some other guy was here and said thats all of it that we are gonna get. I can get you some other coffee if you want… womp, womp, womp”.

Wait, WHAT?

That conversation didn’t go too much further as I declined her offer and left. I called Starbucks after Starbucks because any parent knows the struggle is real getting in and out of the car; strapping and unstrapping car seats. Each location pretty much had the same response “We JUST ran out”.


I wait one day… ok one day and three quarters and I almost miss out?! ON MY DRINK?! But the unicorns saved a little joy in a cup just for my babies and I. We found a Starbucks that still had the potion and went straight to it.


We got these pretty little masterpieces and they were GROSS! It tasted like Milk of Magnesia with a hint of sugar and whip cream. Seriously! I cried a little on the inside. I kept drinking because I wanted to like it so badly. The girls kept chanting “Unicorn Shake” and I kept a smile on my face, but one by one they started hitting the trash. MAT dropped hers and I couldn’t have been happier. KAT didn’t want anymore so I figured “this is going to be easier than I thought”, until MAT claimed the rights to her sister’s unfinished drink. Shoot!

She drank most of it. We went on our way to the At Home store to make mommy feel better and judging by the wind the girls were passing through the aisles, they were making themselves feel better too.


Dear Starbeez,

You have let me down. You have let these innocent unicorns down. Thank you however, for a great adventure.


One Disappointed Mama


P.S. –  I came home to a card in the mail that let me know these “adventures” aren’t just for me. They are for my little empresses. May they always remember that their mommy does the absolute freaking most for them.  I hope they have nothing less than strangely amazing memories and stories to tell for the rest of their magical lives.





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