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Alright people it is time for a little Empress fashion fun. I am going to let you all in on a little secret. I do a lot of my shopping for kids clothes at one of my favorite places on the planet and that place is TARGET! This time I was shopping specifically for the Victoria Beckham line for Target. It started off with just getting two pieces from the line; one for each empress, but I walked into another Target and saw more pieces that I absolutely liked. Of course I had to get them. Click the captions below the pictures to check out each item.

One thing I loved about this VB line was that there were items in Women and Children that made perfect “mommy and me” sets. For all that know The Empress Sisters and The Empress Mommy personally know that we love to match or color coordinate. It sometimes happens without trying.

Unfortunately due to only finding pieces here and there and not really trying to go too crazy by caving in to shopping online I didn’t find pieces for all 3 of us to wear at the same time. On the bright side it gave me an idea that would create individual moments for myself with each empress. The girls are never apart, but one morning it made sense for my husband to stay home with KAT while I took MAT to a doctor’s appointment. We had breakfast just the two of us, went to the doctor, went store to store, and really BONDED!

How does this relate to the clothing line? Well I bought one item to match a piece for each empress. I figured I will now start having a few hours every now and then where I take just one of them to spend one-on-one mother/daughter time and why not match my babies while doing it? Cute right? Ok maybe a little obnoxious, but that’s how we roll!

Empress Mommy x Empress MAT – Shirt NOT by VB or TARGET

Here was my one issue with Victoria Beckham for Target. I prewash, hang dry, and hand steam ALL clothing items before MAT and KAT wear them. I washed them all together because I assumed none of the items I purchased would bleed onto the other. I was wrong. This black and white number for KAT bled (mainly on itself) and a little on another dress for her. Now if you purchased any of these items you would see on your receipt that there is a return deadline much earlier than the 90 days you would normally have. I realized that I was a few days beyond the date and called Target to see what could be done seeing as though I followed the care instructions AND my daughter never got to wear the dress. I had no luck with the local Target customer service nor with their main customer service line because of that stupid date. So I got smart. I won’t reveal my secret on how I got a new dress at no additional cost to me, but just know I got my way.

Although I was completely dissatisfied with how that situation was handled it won’t stop me from shopping there just yet. I mean seriously look at how chic they look in these Genuine Kids from OshKosh dresses.

The Sass Is REAL!

Now these aren’t from the Victoria Beckham line, but their dresses combined were under $15!

As often as I go I can keep an eye on when some items that I really like, but don’t want to pay full price for goes on clearance. After I see it goes on clearance I may wait a little longer for the price to drop again (only if I feel think they won’t sell out). Usually I pay between $2 and $12. The amount of pieces I can get at those prices they don’t wear them as often. Id hate to spend a ton of money for it to sit in the closet then in a bin next season.

With that being said you may still find a few Victoria Beckham pieces at a Target near you for a steal! Happy Shopping!

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